I know that if I tell you that I was 28 kilos overweight before, you won't believe me ...

Hi! I'm Stephan

Co-founder of elevator and your guinea pig Why? Because I talk about my experiences on how I changed my habits and especially learned how to activate my metabolism every day.

The story of a drastic transformation experienced in recent years, a personal change: I lost about 30 kg (without cutting off my leg, ha, ha, ha, ha).

It was an amount that I accumulated over 10 years (3 kg per year approximately). I didn't pay much attention to it right away because my mom said that genetically our family suffered from slow metabolism and that we needed to accept it. In general, my aunts and cousins are not thin.

I was slim until I was 25 years old; then I gained weight progressively, something like 2 or 3 kg every year.

Some time later, being overweight started to cause me some serious health problems, which worried me a lot and made me take matters into my own hands. I would be lying to you if I told you that I lost those pounds the first time, not at all, but I started looking for information and found several options on how to optimize my metabolism, especially with vitamin B and daily exercise. They gave me and continue to give me amazing results.

In short, I learned the importance of knowing how to control my anxiety and appetite. I understood that it is important to develop enough energy to beat the sluggishness and start exercising with desire and that it is super important to metabolize my body.

The good news is that based on my experience we created Elevator, an effervescent pill, sugar-free and with a high content of vitamin B that helps you especially in the following areas...

These are the 3 tips that helped me lose weight".

We summarize

Elevator benefits you in ...

Elevator benefits you in ...

Elevator features

Elevator helps you live a life
with more energy, happiness, and less weight..

Is Elevator a safe product?

Elevator, vitamin B in effervescent tablet form, is manufactured in Germany; is also registered with Cofepris.

Not suitable for children under 12 years of age, people sensitive to caffeine and pregnant or lactating women.

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Where can I purchase Elevator?

You can purchase it exclusively from our online store or via our registered distributors.

For now you can buy it in Mexico, USA, Puerto Rico and Guatemala.


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Take advantage!

With the purchase of each Elevator package, you will receive a free Weekly Menu .

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with this weekly menu

And this is for the general public...

At Elevator we care about helping others, especially in the things we master and can share, that's why we offer you free of charge:



How to lose weight using only your mind

Learn the 3 steps that helped me transform my body and lose 28 kilos,

in less than a year, without sweating or suffering from hunger


I want to lose weight

And if you have hypothyroidism...


Hypothyroidism? Live happy, live symptom-free

Learn how to know if you have hypothyroidism to start taking action.


By Claudia Hernández

I want to live symptom-free



Lucia Guadalajara
38/ Beauty Salon

Before I started using Elevator I usually felt very swollen, congested, and even very heavy in my mood and size. I had used different types of products before, but I usually abandoned them after 10 days when I didn't notice any results; it was frustrating, because I didn't feel the immediate change that we all hope to feel, especially because my discomfort was already like a chronic ailment.

When I started taking Elevator, I felt such a favorable change: I began to feel very light everything, my walk, my body and my mood, the truth is I did not expect such a rapid change, but honestly this treatment was very good for me. To begin with, it eliminated my anxiety for eating sweets, cookies, flour; also what I noticed a lot was the change in my mood, I no longer felt that heaviness that you feel as the day goes by, of feeling sleepy, that was gone, and besides, now at night I can rest very comfortably, now lighter. I like Elevator because it is a product that does not cause constipation, meteorism, nor does it loosen the stomach. I liked it very much. It has helped me a lot to reduce my swelling, for the same reason I lost a lot of weight and it even gave me a plus, my skin became very clean.

I don't want to stop consuming it, the truth is I haven't noticed any negative point to this product, well just a small detail, as I am very sensitive to caffeine instead of dissolving it in 250 ml of water I dissolve it in 400 ml and problem solved, it doesn't alter me at all.
I highly recommend it.


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