If you are a salesperson, you can easily earn 4800 MXN (240 USD) extra per month, without investing any peso or penny.

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Frequently asked questions about elevator affiliate

Should I really not invest money?

That's right! You don't have to buy product to sell, you can recommend, use the portal, have the coaching and marketing materials completely free, if you want to sell the products physically check how to become an exclusive distributor.

Do I have to make deliveries and collections?

We literally take care of everything! Your customer buys from our online store, we collect and ship the product, you don't have to do anything, that makes it very easy on the investment of your time.

How do payments work?

Every week we make a cut, it means that what you sold the previous week is paid directly to your account in max 7 days, if you don't have a paypal account we will gladly help you to open one.

How do commissions work, do I have to meet minimum sales quotas?

At elevator affiliate we have a 4 level commission system that starts at 5% and goes up to 20%. Once you reach a level you can not lose it and there are no time limits to meet, all your sales and your sub affiliates accumulate.

How do recurring commissions work?

Many of our customers buy products frequently as a daily consumption. When you add a customer, that customer will always be yours! you will earn commission every time he or she buys, depending on your level, and if you have sub-affiliates you will also earn from their customers.

In which countries can I sell and affiliate?

For now Elevator Affiliate operates in Mexico, USA and Puerto Rico, which are the countries in which we currently sell, and will soon be active in the Americas and Europe as well.

How are the products?

The products are of high quality, of German origin. Innovative and focused to give the most efficient benefits to its consumers. All our products have no intake limits and their constant consumption is recommended.

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